A super-powered virus. A kid in a leather onesie. A hot chick (also in a leather onesie). A deadly secret among them. Can they survive what’s coming next? Y-ME, SYNERGIZE!

Y-ME is a group of teens whose abilities set them somewhat apart from a world that is slightly unnerved and anxious about them. To say they have super powers might be stretching it a bit, but their commitment to protecting others certainly makes them heroes. Join Sixfinger, Shock, Trogolodite, and their mentor, Dr. Why, on an adventure filled with laughs and comic book nostalgia.

About the origin and concept of the series:
It was the 90’s. We were kids in the backyard. “Remember that girl with six fingers from
elementary school?” One of us asked. “Yeah.” Replied the other. “Was that kid a mutant?” He asked. “Like in X-men?” “Well, I think people consider that more of a deformity. I mean, she can’t really use that finger for anything. It’s looks kinda like an extra pinky. And she isn’t like the X-men, because she doesn’t have any kind of zappy powers. Guess she’s like what a mutant would be in real life, though. No powers, just different.” “Yeah, be cool if she had powers, though. Or if her extra finger was at least useful. Like if it was another thumb, that’d be cool.” “Yeah. That’d be cool.” “Let’s draw a comic about real mutants.” “Ok.” And here we are.


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