TMI Thursdays: Interview with Aaron Gotlieb, voice of Trog from Y-ME

The Weekly, TMI Thursday!

Every Thursday, we take a moment to learn something about how things are done here at Polar Comics… sometimes we share too much.

Aaron Gotlieb: Hello, Mr. Holbrook. I’m glad you could squeeze me in on such short notice.

Jef Holbrook: Well, you know how it is. Meetings, meetings meetings. All with myself, of course. But enough about me…

Kidding. Is there ever enough me?

But seriously… I hear your first experience with/as Trog was unique…

Aaron: Cause the producer made me record naked?

Jef: Well, it was college. There’s a lot of nudity in college, generally.

Aaron: We clearly went to very different colleges.

Jef: I must’ve gone to the fun one. So how did you come to Trog as a character? What’s going on there with him? Is he just a dumb lummox or is there more?

Aaron: I don’t think Trog is dumb. He’s an observer, and I think, beside Troy, he’s actually the most aware of what’s going on. His mutant thyroid condition makes it difficult for him to voice his thoughts, and his interest dwells on a lower range of the hierarchic of needs, but I don’t think he’s dumb.

You’ve been a professional actor for a while, but what brought you over to Polar?

Aaron Gotlieb: The Money.

Jef: Ah. Wait, you found money? Dammit, the couch cushions! I always forget to check those!!!!

Aaron Gotlieb: I’m sorry, that was a typo. I meant, I’ve always wanted to be a superhero, and given the opportunity to live that out, particularly in a strange way, I jumped on it.

Jef: Do you find voiceover different from stage or screen work then? What’s the different about being Trog than being, say, Scapin or other roles you’ve played? And are you enjoying the luxurious penthouse suite from your royalty checks?

Aaron Gotlieb: It’s very different. It’s something I thought would come easily to me, in a puppet show, I can do up to a dozen different voices live in a ‘single take’, frequently with two or more of them talking to each other. Recording is different. I’m alone in a closet, having little rehearsal with the other performers. As we go on, and I have more time with my characters, I think I’ll get more confident and comfortable, but these first sessions have been really difficult. Also, I’m working with a visual image out of my control and under the direction of the writer who has his own ideas about the character and intentions. As a physical performer, finding myself limited to just my voice is a unique challenge. But the acting, the basic, Honest emotions conveyed in relation to artificial circumstances, that’s really the same.

Jef: Closet?

Aaron Gotlieb: Polar Studios, North Annex uses a large bedroom closet as a recording studio.

Jef: You lie. Surely they have millions of dollars.. and no need for a.. uh…

Aaron Gotlieb: I mean…It’s like a closet, but is really a state of the art, glass sound booth with fancy lights that blink and a fully stocked bar with coffee and lemons.

Jef: Lemons? Cars or fruit?

Aaron Gotlieb: Fruit.

Jef: You voiced Tree Frog as well, right? For a new Cricket short?

Aaron Gotlieb: And hopefully in all future Cricket stories. I love Tree Frog.

Jef: Who would win in a fight? Tree Frog or Trog?

Aaron Gotlieb: Does Tree Frog have a sandwich?

Jef: I’ll say no. I can tell you’re really thinking this out.

Aaron Gotlieb: If Tree Frog could actually provoke Trog into a fight, Trog would probably win.

Jef: Is there any truth to the rumor that Trog is potentially on the chopping block? (Heh heh… I just started a rumor).

Aaron Gotlieb: I can neither confirm nor deny the eventual and grisly fate surely awaiting Trog in theupcoming but unspecified timeline.

Jef: Especially, say, Issue 3 or 4? But even if Trog perhaps kicked off, you’d still have work as Tree Frog since he’s shown back up starting in Cricket #6…

Aaron Gotlieb: All I can say is I currently have a 3 1/2 issue contract.

Jef: Ha! Thanks so much for your time, Aaron. Any parting words of wisdom/hilarity for us?

Aaron: We don’t know /who/ mutated into Trog once his Thyroid condition kicked in. Remove ee-Fr from Tree Frog and it spells, TROG. Coincidence? I think not…

Jef: Well played, sir. Thanks!

Aaron No problem, Thank you.


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