YouTubesday: The Cricket Episode 1!

The Weekly, YouTubesday!
Each week, we’ll post a video. Sometimes it’ll be a motion comic, a trailer, a making of special, or who knows what else! Stay tuned.
From: polarstudiostv  | Originally Aired: Oct 29, 2009
When a beautiful woman steps into his office, former super-hero turned “hard-boiled detective” THE CRICKET takes the case. However, he may be getting more than he bargained for when he learns that “Death” may really be “A Girl’s Best Friend!” “Diamonds Are For Never” is Season 1 of the Cricket, a private eye who won’t take cases about super-heroes and won’t take off his Cricket suit.
Starring:Ben Reed, Lena Thomas, Jef Holbrook Based on the comic by Jef Holbrook

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